Handicrafts were part of our daily lives.

Until just a few decades ago, many manual jobs were a prerequisite or an extension of daily life. They have been devised and improved, and their accuracy has been increased in multiple layers by being repeated and inherited.
However, they continue to disappear little by little from around us, and we cannot simply expect them to last forever. The bearers of the truth have already reached an advanced age, and it is becoming more and more difficult to pass on the same quality each year.

While developing various products at an apparel company, we have observed manufacturing sites from upstream to downstream, and have maintained a top-of-the-line approach. Based on the spirit of learning from the past and innovating, we will develop and create new value by understanding the history of the land and region deeply, and in some cases digging up and reconstructing it. Masu. First of all, we use apparel products as a medium, but that's not all. Based on the attractive resources of apparel, where a wide variety of elements are intertwined, we combine manufacturing, craftsmanship, and stories.

We would like to express our sincere respect and gratitude to the skills and passion that have been pursued through the unique diligence of the Japanese people, as well as to the souls of those who are responsible for them.